1956 Porsche Speedster 356A Recreation

Zippy 1776cc Engine, New Clutch, Restored

This Classic Porsche Speedster Replica has Sold
1956 Porsche Speedster for Sale

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1956 Porsche Speedster Recreation for sale in Sonoma California. Built in 1979 by Automobili Intermeccanica. This is one of 608 Series II cars built by Intermeccanica between 1976-1980, known for building quality Speedster replicas. It was restored between 2005-2006 and has traveled only a few hundred miles since. Starts; runs beautifully with a zippy, professionally built 1776cc VW motor and regular sized cam for smooth idling and a nice dual weber carburetion set-up.

The engine compartment is immaculate. Has front disc brakes for excellent stopping and a brand new clutch makes for super easy shifting. In addition, the exhaust, shocks and suspension were also replaced making the car especially nice sounding and stable to drive. Finished in Indian Red with tan interior. Includes boot and tonneau covers as well as soft top and side curtains, chrome dish wheels with chrome hubcaps. Comes with a clear California title and no smog required here.

This is a great looking and excellent driving Speedster recreation that is ready to go have fun with now!

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Serial: 9B0390 VIN: AZ58681

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1956 Porsche Speedster for Sale
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  28. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-030.jpg
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  30. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-032.jpg
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  36. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-038.jpg
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  38. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-040.jpg
  39. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-041.jpg
  40. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-042.jpg
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  42. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-044.jpg
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  48. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-050.jpg
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