1956 Porsche Speedster Replica

Excellent California Kit Car

This Classic Porsche Speedster Replica has Sold
1956 Porsche Speedster Kit Car for Sale

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1956 Porsche Speedster Replica. Built in the 1970's and freshened up in the late 90's with new paint (not gel coat), a nice comfortable interior and engine rebuild. Has a solid fiberglass body in excellent condition. Built on a stock VW Beetle chassis with a solid pan and frame rails.

The dual port 1600 starts; runs and drives nicely with good brakes, suspension and tires. Clutch and transmission perform well and as intended. The convertible top has an area that has been patched as shown in photos but is usable as-is. Interior is very comfortable with excellent seating and and thick, plush carpeting. Gauges are in working order except for the factory Porsche odometer. Car starts right up with no smoke or funny noises and is a blast to drive!

We sold this car to it's most recent owner 9 years ago. We originally purchased it from it's second owner whom at that time had owned the car about 10 years. This three owner car has been used sparingly over the years and kept inside all the while. Excellent fun on a conservative budget and easy as ever to maintain and upgrade as desired.

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VIN# CA737367

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1956 Porsche Speedster Kit Car for Sale
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  4. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-006.jpg
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  6. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-008.jpg
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  8. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-010.jpg
  9. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-011.jpg
  10. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-012.jpg
  11. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-013.jpg
  12. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-014.jpg
  13. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-015.jpg
  14. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-016.jpg
  15. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-017.jpg
  16. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-018.jpg
  17. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-019.jpg
  18. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-020.jpg
  19. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-021.jpg
  20. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-022.jpg
  21. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-023.jpg
  22. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-024.jpg
  23. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-025.jpg
  24. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-026.jpg
  25. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-027.jpg
  26. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-028.jpg
  27. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-029.jpg
  28. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-030.jpg
  29. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-031.jpg
  30. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-032.jpg
  31. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-033.jpg
  32. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-034.jpg
  33. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-035.jpg
  34. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-036.jpg
  35. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-037.jpg
  36. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-038.jpg
  37. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-039.jpg
  38. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-040.jpg
  39. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-041.jpg
  40. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-042.jpg
  41. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-043.jpg
  42. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-044.jpg
  43. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-045.jpg
  44. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-046.jpg
  45. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-047.jpg
  46. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-048.jpg
  47. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-049.jpg
  48. 1956-porsche-speedster-replica-red-050.jpg


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