1956 Nash Metropolitan

California Time Capsule, 31K Miles

This Cool Metropolitan Nash has SOLD
1956 Nash Metropolitan for Sale

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This 1956 Nash Metropolitan we have for sale is an amazingly original car with purportedly just 31k miles. While we do not have enough in the way of documentation to support this, there are many clues that support it. The car is unbelievably original and given it's 58 year lifespan, it's really quite amazing! Belonged to a school teacher in Mill Valley, California for it's first thirty years or so until selling to a postal worker in the wine country whom I am told put it into his barn, tucked away from the light of day until it's most current owner picked it up in 2001. It's held up well. Not perfect of course but likely one of the few original one's out there left.

The interior is completely original. Please note that the center wheel cap is not on the car. It is included but broken. Otherwise the car is extremely functional with working radio, wipers, heater and lights. It's definitely comfortable and you feel like you're driving in a different time!

The paint is also original. It's had a couple of bruises over it's life as you can see, but it's pretty cool to see it in it's originality. It's also nice to know there isn't anything hiding under it. The over all patina'd look is pretty great. It's nice to see a survivor like this still on the road. The car looks to be completely rust free as well. From the floors, panels, inside of the trunk.. California has been good to it.

The current owner had a problem with the original motor years ago and it was replaced with what we're told was a rebuilt 1500. It runs beautifully and has plenty of power. The clutch, brakes and suspension all perform well. The car has newer exhaust and tires as well.

What a great little collector car. Now all it needs is a loving new home!

Thank you for visiting!

VIN# F20846

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1956 Nash Metropolitan for Sale
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  42. 1956-nash-metropolitan-coupe-044.jpg
  43. 1956-nash-metropolitan-coupe-045.jpg
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