1956 Ford Thunderbird

Restored California Car, Rare Fiesta Red

This Classic Ford has SOLD
1956 Ford Thunderbird for Sale

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Purchased in 1975 by a local wine country family, this beautiful Dearborn-built 1956 Ford Thunderbird was treated to a high-quality restoration several years ago and properly stored and maintained since. It was repainted in its factory rare Fiesta Red with a correct to code red and white interior. The attention to detail is evident as you take a closer look. The car was produced January 9th, 1956. The sales district was San Jose, California. After 42 years under the same ownership its time for this beautiful Thunderbird to enter the next chapter of its life.

The factory 312 c.i. 4 bbl "P" Code engine runs beautifully. Though the owners of this vehicle have passed away and the receipts are not present we believe it to have been rebuilt. There is no smoke, no hesitation and it idles and sounds beautiful. The shifting of the factory Fordomatic is also tight and accurate along with excellent suspension and braking. The car is equipped from the factory with the 3.70:1 rear-end.

The interior is in beautiful, nearly new condition and all options and accessories are in working order; radio, gauges, lighting, and heater. The clock is presently inoperable.

Here is the decoding information for VIN P6FH197428:

94,767th Ford Built for 1956
Body: 40A (Body Type)
Color: K2 (Fiesta Red)
Trim: XB (Red and White Vinyl)
Prod Code: 9ASK182 (9th January, Sales District, San Jose)
P(312/4V/Fordomatic)6(1956)F(Dearborn)H(Thunderbird)197428(Sequence Number)

The odometer shows 34,800 miles though we have no way of knowing whether this is accurate or not. The car is partially set-up with the soft top apparatus however the frame, canvas, and various top parts could not be found as the photos will show.

This is a terrific, very nice quality Thunderbird in the best year that has spent its life in California, most of it with the same, capable and fastidious owners. An excellent one to add to your collection.

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VIN# P6FH197428

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1956 Ford Thunderbird for Sale
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