1954 Triumph TR2 "Long Door"

Factory Overdrive, Nut/Bolt, Frame-off Restoration - IMMACULATE

This Rare TR2 Triumph has SOLD
1954 Triumph TR2 for Sale

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Freshly restored, rare and early 1954 Triumph TR2 Long Door Roadster. This beautiful frame-off restoration was recently completed. Beautiful, glassy paint, all new trim, rubber, chrome, glass. Leather interior with high quality fitment and rugs. The correct 1991cc four-cylinder Standard Vanguard engine, tuned to increase its output to 90 bhp has been fully rebuilt and the car is equipped with the desirable factory overdrive.

As a rare "long door" (no rocker panels) TR2 it has many other features found on only the very early cars. The frame is one of the Triumph factory hand assembled units. The taillights are the early square glass lens styles. The bonnet has the four vents with the visible rivets and the early hood latch is of the early type. The seats do not fold forward as there is no jump seat as in the TR3. The grille is recessed and is of the cast type. This is a true collector Triumph.

The paint and body are exceptional. The body was stripped and any rust repaired with new steel. The battery box was replaced. There was rust on the lower rear fenders and lower portion of the doors which was cut out and new steel welded in place. All body work was done and the car was painted using epoxy based paint. Prior to assembly the grille, windshield frame, emergency brake, gas cap, and shift lever were re-chromed. The bumpers, over-riders, hub caps, TR2 badge, trunk and spare wheel lock chrome covers were replaced. The fender beading is the correct body color beading of the very early cars. The rear fender rock guards are new. In addition, all rims were stripped primed and correctly painted. All five tires are new. The windshield is new. The car comes with two Brooklands style inspired wind screens that bolt to the factory racing mounts. Three magnetic racing numbers come with these screens.

The interior is new. Seat faces, dash, door pulls, and cockpit are leather as original. The carpet is new and of the correct style. The seats have new original style padding and seat adjusters work well. The boot has been nicely finished as well. All working gauges. Both the speedometer and tachometer cables are new. The switch, glove box, and trunk are keyed alike and glove box is new. The heater is in working order. The new top has a single window that is correct for the car. The side curtains have been fit to the top and are currently being overhauled by The Roadster Factory and will be included when shipped. There is a top bow cover. Wipers park the left side, correct for this early car, the wiper blades and arms are new as well.

The original numbers matching engine has been completely disassembled including the cylinder liners. The block and liners have been cleaned of all rust, the oil passages opened and cleaned, tolerances checked. Cylinders have been reinstalled and honed. The crankshaft was turned and reinstalled with new bearings. The camshaft was reinstalled with a new timing chain. The pistons were reinstalled with new rings. The head was rebuilt with hardened valve seats for unleaded gas operation. New water pump. New vacuum advance, new cap, and wires in the distributor. Carburetors are the original 1 inch SUs that have been rebuilt including new throttle shafts. The fuel line is the original hard line style. The fuel pump is new. The thermostat housing is the early style fitted only on the TR2s. New gaskets seals, and fan belt. Note that while the car has the original crank, cannot be used with the aluminum radiator.

The transmission has been dismantled, inspected and reassembled using new gaskets, seals. The overdrive has been assembled with a new pump, springs, seals and gaskets, and solenoid. It looks pristine on the inside. The actuator works on top gear only and designed but no drop in RPM is noted.

CHASSIS- The frame was stripped primed and painted with epoxy based paint. The front suspension components were stripped primed and painted with epoxy paint, new seals, suspension bushings were installed on assembly. The rear suspension including the rear end was stripped, primed, painted, new seals, gaskets, bushings were installed on assembly. All shocks were serviced and installed. The steering box was dismantled cleaned painted and reinstalled with new seals and gaskets. New engine and transmission mounts were installed. The exhaust has a new muffler.

The gas tank was inspected and repaired as necessary. New fuel line was installed to the new fuel pump. The fuel line from the pump to the carburetor is the correct hard line type for the early TR2.

A new wiring correct style wiring loom was installed. The generator and starter have been rebuilt. The regulator is correct. The horns are the original Lucas Wind-tone horns and have been serviced and function properly. The turn signal/horn switch has been replaced with a new unit and cancels properly. The taillights are the correct style but the bezels are handmade stainless units that look exactly like the original chrome units. All electrical works as new!!

Braking is excellent. All new hard and soft brake lines were installed. The car still sports the original front and rear drum brakes with new wheel cylinders. The combination brake and clutch master cylinder unit is new. The slave cylinder on the clutch was rebuilt and is the original style for this early car.

Includes two radiators. The original copper unit is the early type with the top hose fitting located closer to the filler extension used only with early thermostat housing. It has been re-cored. The car currently has an aluminum high efficiency radiator made with the same top hose location. Evans waterless coolant is used for greater efficiency. There is a custom aluminum coolant bottle installed before the radiator. The thermostat is the original style with the bypass feature. This car stays cool.

Only 8,636 TR2's were produced. As of 2011 there were approximately 377 licensed and 52 TR2s registered in the UK. A rarity indeed to see such a beautifully restored TR2, especially with the highly sought after overdrive option.

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1954 Triumph TR2 for Sale
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