1953 Ford Sunliner Convertible
50th Anniversary

California Car, V8/Overdrive, Power Steering Restored

This Cool Sunliner Ford has SOLD
1953 Ford Sunliner Convertible for Sale

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Very pretty old 1953 Ford Sunliner Convertible 50th Anniversary for sale. Restored several years ago and used lightly since. This lovely Crestline was rebuilt mechanically and restored cosmetically and is a very pretty, reliable classic convertible. It's well equipped with Overdrive Transmission, AM Radio, Continental Kit, Power Steering and Power Top.

The original Ford V8 starts and runs beautifully having only a couple of thousand miles since it's rebuild. It runs quietly and smoothly and starts at the turn of the key. The suspension, brakes and handling overall is very smooth and tight. The overdrive transmission shifts up and down through the gears easily. The power steering is smooth and provides effortless steering. The cooling system works beautifully as well. The day I took the photos the car ran for nearly two hours and stayed in the normal range.

This California car was treated to a nice powder blue paint job along with fresh chrome and rubber. The glass is nice and the top in excellent shape. The car has only traveled approximately two thousand miles locally since completion and still looks great. The paint is smooth and shiny with no rust or issues. The body is very straight. The interior was redone as well at the time with new seating, door and kick panels and rugs. It's very comfortable and looks nice.

A few items that the owner has not addressed are the top motor. The switch activates the top motor yet needs to be rebuilt. The top easily goes up and down manually so it's not a critical issue. In the dash area to the right of the steering wheel you can see a switch missing. I am told that it is for the knob that opens the right-side vent. We will attempt to source the part upon buyers request. Other than these items this is a very attractive and nice driving Crestline Sunliner ready to enjoy!

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VIN# B3GC110725

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1953 Ford Sunliner Convertible for Sale
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