1951 MG Mark II TD XPAG/TD2

Professional Frame-off Restoration

This Beautiful MGTD has Sold
1951 MG TD for Sale

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Stunning 1951 MG Mark II TD Roadster for sale in Sonoma California. Complete frame-off, professional nut bolt restoration with only 5,088 miles since it's completion only a few years ago. Beautiful Primrose with dark red leather. Correct, numbers matching car. Fully rebuilt and functioning exactly as intended from the factory. Includes canvas top with all four side curtains. Starts; runs and drives beautifully as the videos below will show. A large amount was spent on this special, numbers matching collectible TD2 making it an incredible value to the TD enthusiast only interested in owning the best.

Subject to sale immediately for the right offer. Available only at Left Coast Classics! Direct your inquiries to Donn Dabney ...because life's too short to drive the wrong car....

There are another 150 pictures in addition to what you see here as well as video so you can see and hear her run. See the link at the bottom of the page following the first 52 image slide show.

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Car Number: TD/23119
Engine Number: XPAG/TD2/23550

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1951 MG TD for Sale
  1. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-003.jpg
  2. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-004.jpg
  3. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-005.jpg
  4. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-006.jpg
  5. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-007.jpg
  6. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-008.jpg
  7. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-009.jpg
  8. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-010.jpg
  9. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-011.jpg
  10. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-012.jpg
  11. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-013.jpg
  12. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-014.jpg
  13. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-015.jpg
  14. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-016.jpg
  15. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-017.jpg
  16. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-018.jpg
  17. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-019.jpg
  18. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-020.jpg
  19. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-021.jpg
  20. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-022.jpg
  21. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-023.jpg
  22. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-024.jpg
  23. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-025.jpg
  24. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-026.jpg
  25. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-027.jpg
  26. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-028.jpg
  27. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-029.jpg
  28. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-030.jpg
  29. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-031.jpg
  30. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-032.jpg
  31. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-033.jpg
  32. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-034.jpg
  33. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-035.jpg
  34. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-036.jpg
  35. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-037.jpg
  36. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-038.jpg
  37. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-039.jpg
  38. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-040.jpg
  39. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-041.jpg
  40. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-042.jpg
  41. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-043.jpg
  42. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-044.jpg
  43. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-045.jpg
  44. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-046.jpg
  45. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-047.jpg
  46. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-048.jpg
  47. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-049.jpg
  48. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-050.jpg
  49. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-051.jpg
  50. 1951-mgtd-td2-primrose-052.jpg


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