1951 Bentley Mark VI Saloon

Rebuilt Engine, Nice Driving California Car

This Mark 6 Bentley has Sold
1951 Bentley Mark VI for Sale

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1951 Bentley Mark VI 4-Door Saloon. California car since 1960's, owned by the same family for several decades. So much about this pretty old Bentley is already great that it would take very little to take it to the next level.

The odometer currently shows 116k Km (72k Miles). The engine was rebuilt 8000 Km (5k Miles) ago. The car was taken off the road and put into storage several years ago. We recently found this car at a high-end British restoration facility that we do business with. The parents had passed away and the family sent it over to get it properly started and drivable after sitting in storage since 1997. The car starts runs and drives very nicely. The shifting is smooth and it drives nicely.

The interior was refurbished in the 1980's, in particular, the seating with beautiful red leather. It is still soft and supple and the quality of the workmanship was on par with what was done at the factory. The original headliner is completely intact and the sunroof works as it was intended to. The wood looks presentable, most likely refinished at some point during this family's ownership. The boot is also nicely finished and the tools and the spare tire are present.

To finish the car up it could use new paint and some chrome work, in particular, the bumpers along with a correct set of tires and wheel covers. This small amount of work should bring the car up several levels. Some simple maintenance items such as belts and hoses are probably in order at this point as well. The braking and suspension feel good. The car starts easily and holds a charge. There is no key for the gas door but it is currently unlocked and not an issue. Having a new key made shouldn't be difficult once the lock is removed. There is a small box of parts in the trunk that will be included with the vehicle.

This is an excellent candidate for a very light restoration or a fun car to enjoy as-is.

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1951 Bentley Mark 6 for Sale
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