1942 Ford Super Deluxe California Restomod

A/C, PW, Morrison Frame, 383/700R4 9" Rearend

This Classic Ford has Sold
1942 Ford Super Deluxe for Sale

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We have available the ideal, classic "sleeper". A very cool 1942 Ford Super Deluxe here in Sonoma, California. This beautiful car was purchased in restored condition a few years back and it's most current owner wasted no time spending a lot of time and a small fortune converting this once original Deluxe into a killer resto-mod that can be driven anywhere, anytime! Over $45k was spent on the resto-mod phase only 8,000 miles ago but as you'll see, well worth it!

The car starts; runs and drives like a champ! The body was lifted off the original frame and dropped onto a new Morrison frame with independent front suspension, four-bar rear suspension, rack and pinion steering, 4-wheel disc brakes, front sway bar and a 9-inch Ford rear-end with 3.5:1 gear ratio and Posi-traction. It's powered by a Chevrolet 383 Stroker with a finely tuned vintage GM Tri-Carb set-up and 700R4 automatic transmission. Cooling is taken care of with a short style aluminum water pump, and a heavy-duty radiator and cooling fan. The engine compartment is beautifully dressed up with chrome brackets for the air conditioning compressor and alternator, polished aluminum water pump and crank pulleys, air conditioning compressor, and chrome clutch cover. The alternator is polished aluminum. The ignition system is an MSD. Great sounding Dual Flowmaster exhaust. All riding on powder coated royal blue 15 inch rims, 8 inches wide in the rear and 7 inches wide in the front with BF Goodrich radials.

The interior is very comfortable. The A/C blows ice-cold, the seating is very comfortable for long rides and the hidden stereo system sounds great. Specialty power windows using the original window winders as the switch. It has new wiring, full modern VDO Gauges, working clock.

Of all of the Ford Super Deluxe, 1942 is truly the rarest. Ford halted its car and truck lines on February 10, 1942, to begin war production, but not before a short run of 1942 cars was built. The 1942-style Ford cars continued to be produced as military staff cars from March 1942 through summer 1945. These would have been registered as 1942, 1943, 1944, and 1945 models. Additionally, a large number of 1942 (and a few 1941) cars held in dealer stocks by government edict, to be doled out to essential users during the conflict, were Fords.

This Super Deluxe has survived well and has been upgraded to make comfortable and safe modern driving it's the highest priority. With all of the mechanical upgrades and the mostly original look, it is sure to make any enthusiast happy.

Be sure to check out all 350 plus photos and definitely watch the video I made below. I'm available if you'd like to call.

Thank you for visiting!

VIN# 186877862

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1942 Ford Super Deluxe for Sale
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