1941 Willys Sedan Delivery

Quarter Million Dollar Build - All Steel, Hemi, Air, Leather, More...

This Amazing Willys Sedan has Sold
1941 Willys Sedan Delivery for Sale

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All steel 1941 Willys for sale in Sonoma California. Award winning custom Willys Sedan Delivery Panel Wagon with the best of everything and not a single corner cut. Metal Work Design and fabrication was done by Ron Corvell, Randy Beers and Flynn Millard. The tube chassis was custom built by Paul Newman and is complete with full 10 Point roll cage. Powered with a 6.1 Liter Fuel Injected Hemi motor, 6 Speed Chrysler Automatic Transmission with a 9" Ford 4:10 Posi Rear Differential with Heavy Duty Axles.

Designed as a Pro Street that is fully Street-able and Dependable. This 41 Willys has all the good stuff. Four Wheel Disc Brakes, Power Steering, Power Windows and Power Door Locks with remote. A complement of Gauges dress off the Dash Panel Manufactured by AutoMeter, Pro Comp Ultra Lite group include Speedometer/Odometer, Tachometer, Fuel, Oil Pressure, Boost, Water Temperature, Voltage and Transmission Temperature. The Interior is plush, fitted with Tan Leather and Suede throughout by Mike Miller. The Exterior is a Beautiful Custom Red and was painted by Tim Saala and looks fantastic.

Other Items include a Billet Tilt Steering Column with Billet Steering Wheel. Center console houses Polished Shifter and Polished Emergency Brake Lever. Halibrand Wheels wrapped with Hoosier 31X18 50R15 in Rear and BF Goodrich 205 50R15 in Front.

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1941 Willys Sedan Delivery for Sale
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