1941 Ford Super Deluxe Coupe

4 Wheel Discs, 5-Speed, Restored, Modern Driver

This Cool Classic Ford has SOLD
1941 Ford Super Deluxe Coupe for Sale

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From our old friends who have built so many beautiful cars over the years comes this very cool and freshly restored 1941 Ford Super Deluxe Coupe for sale here at Left Coast Classics.

Built to look all original but set up with a very well thought-out drive train that merges the best of the vintage with the modern upgrades to make driving hundreds of miles relaxed and easy as ever.

The engine is a 1953 Mercury Flathead that starts up using a 12-volt starter and runs beautifully. The car's electrical system is all new and 12-Volt. Shifting is via a Chevrolet S10 5-Speed on the floor and hydraulic clutch. The rear end is a Ford with 3:56 gears for totally relaxed freeway driving, a Mustang II front end and power disc brakes all around insure that it stops on a dime. The car is equipped with front and rear stabilizer and torsion bars and as you might imagine, feels safe and stable and handles incredibly well. The exhaust note is spot-on theme for this little restomod; quiet with a tad of growl using Cherry Bomb dual mufflers tied to a set of Red's Headers. The car rides on a brand new set of Vintec 16" wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich 215/65R16's with new caps and beauty rings riding including the spare. A jack is included as well.

The car was completely disassembled for this frame-off restoration and body stripped to metal. Amazingly, there were no signs of any accidents, bodywork or rust over the course of it's 75 year life! Even the inner wheel wells which are always the first to go are straight and rust free! The paint is nice with a deep shine and all of the chrome and stainless was re-plated and polished. The glass looks to be original and the car has all new rubber installed.

The interior is the classic reproduction by LeBaron Bonney Company. The faux wood dash has been completely restored and looks amazing. All the gauges look and work though some have been bypassed to facilitate what is installed under dash. It's very comfortable for long distant trips, a joy to drive or ride in.

Make sure you check out the long, informative video as well as the additional 200+ photos in the slideshow area.

This special Ford includes a plethora of documentation and nearly 200 pages of reciepts.

Thank you for visiting!

VIN# 6594785

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1941 Ford Super Deluxe Coupe for Sale
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