1941 Buick Super 8 Series 50 4 Door Touring Sedan

West Coast, Original, Preserved Timepiece

This Classic Buick has SOLD
1941 Buick Eight for Sale

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As a lifelong car enthusiast and dealing in classics for over a dozen years, it's becoming more difficult everyday to find original, well preserved and unmolested cars in such great shape. This 1941 Buick Eight personifies such a find. Our client's dad was a collector of GM's from the 40's, 50's and loved this car because of it's originality. This car shows a little over 105k miles. While it's impossible to know if these miles are accurate, after years of dealing in classic cars it appears to be the likely, actual mileage.

The car was delivered new in Verde Green and looks to have had a single repaint several years ago. The body is very straight and truly rust-free. The repaint is showing some age and patina but certainly looks presentable. The floors are sold and the undercarriage is in nice, solid shape.

The interior appears mostly original with very little wear considering it's 76 years of life and mostly nice and intact. The car is quite comfortable. The gauges all light up and work as do the switches and accessories. The headliner is clean and has no tears.

This Fireball Dyna Flash Eight starts; runs, shifts, and drives very nicely. The engine number 54147886, is stamped at the front, passenger side of the block. We do not know if the engine has ever been rebuilt but the oil pressure is strong and the car runs quietly. The dual carburetor system seems to be in good, working order as well. Expect some damp seals and mild leaking. Nothing serious, just typical for its age.


  • STYLE NO. 41-4519
  • BODY NO. 8403
  • TRIM NO. 903
  • PAINT NO. 562
  • ENGINE NO. 54147886
  • VIN 13940531

The originality is really the coolest part of this car - along with the beautiful color. This special Buick is looking for it's new enthusiastic, appreciative owner.

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VIN# 13940531

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1941 Buick Eight for Sale
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