1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe 5-Window Business Coupe

One-Family Owned, Very Original California Car

This Chevy Business Coupe has SOLD
1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe for Sale

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Very cool and nicely preserved 1939 Chevrolet JA Master Deluxe Business Coupe for Sale. This car has been in one family since brand new. It was built in the Oakland plant in March of 1939. We purchased from the grandson, the last surviving member of the Bay Area family who purchased the car locally brand new. When I discovered the car late last year it was in the grandmothers garage on jack stands where it had been sitting for at least 30 years covered in dust. We carefully extracted the car from the garage and brought back to Sonoma and enjoyed bringing it back to life over the course of several months.

It was an emotional sale for the now sixty-something grandson but I promised him one last ride in his grandmothers special Chevy after we got it back on the road as he had not ridden in the car since he was a boy. The adventure of procuring and reconditioning this special Master Deluxe has been filmed though we have yet to shoot the final scene; the last ride with the grandson.

The car was brought to my classic car mechanic. In preparation of putting the old coupe back on the road, the cylinders were heavily oiled over the next few weeks. The block was flushed and cleaned out several times and we replaced the push-rods to insure that it would run smoothly and quietly. The tank was removed and professionally treated, lines cleaned, pump replaced, new hoses and a full carburetor rebuild. New plugs, points and cap, seals and other items were replaced as well. Next, we worked on the cooling system with a NOS water pump, thermostat, hoses, freeze plugs and a heavy flushing and cleaning. Finally, we rebuilt the brakes. I arrived at my mechanic's place last month for the initial first start and the car started up and ran beautifully! We pulled out onto the highway and drove her down the beautiful vineyard lined roads without issue. It was so cool to see this great, old Chevy alive again and ready for it's next chapter!

Next I drove it to my detail shop and we really went to town. The goal was just to get the car as clean as possible. Nothing more, nothing less. We powered sprayed the undercarriage, wheel wells and engine area. We gently vacuumed and brushed the interior, polished the paint and chrome and thoroughly cleaned the decades of dirt and dust that had settled into every nook and cranny after decades of storage. This particular car left the Oakland, California factory finished in Woodash Brown Metallic.

The car was color-changed sometime in the 1960's when grandma decided to go with blue instead. There are plenty of blemishes and thin spots but after all, it enjoys the rarest title available, a "preservation car". The original Rose-Beige Short Nap Mohair interior appears completely original as does the trunk. The Bakelite knobs are old yet still intact. Even the headliner, while worn, has survived. The car is completely rust-free with one minor exception, the lower left and right corners of the tool carrier well. Otherwise, this 77 year old Master Deluxe is as solid as ever.

I have been a small classic car dealer for a dozen years and enthusiast my entire life. I've sold everything from cheap VW Bugs to million dollar Mercedes-Benz 300SL's. But in the end it's cars with the sentimental value and interesting stories that make me love what I do! To that end, this is a great old Chevrolet for a special family looking to be it's 2nd owner in seventy-seven years! The car comes with a California title and is ready to drive!

  • STYLE NO: 39-1017 (Coupe 5 window)
  • BODY: 0 4163
  • TRIM: 83 (Rose-Beige Short Nap Mohair)
  • PAINT: 247 (Woodash Brown Metallic)
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VIN# 6JA03-22148

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1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe for Sale
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