1936 Chevrolet Business Coupe

All Steel, V8, Auto, A/C - California Car

This Cool Classsic Coupe has SOLD
1936 Chevrolet Business Coupe for Sale

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1936 Chevrolet Business Coupe for sale from Left Coast Classics. Same, family-owned California car for over two decades. Starts; runs and drives nicely with a 327 small block and 350 automatic transmission. Great for relaxing highway driving with a fairly quiet exhaust system and Ford 9" rear-end and I believe either a Nova or Camaro front-end. Runs cool and reliably; equipped with an auxiliary fan, power steering, power brakes and electronic ignition. The car rides on a nice set of 15" American Racing Rims with P225/70's in the rear and 195/65's upfront.

The body is all steel and very straight. Painted around five years ago. It has been frenched and shaved and has solenoid releases inside and out on both doors and a mechanical release for the trunk. It's equipped with a good sounding, modern stereo receiver, power windows and ice cold air conditioning. The wiper system works though arms and blades are not installed. All of the gauges are in working order. The trunk is carpeted and has gas shocks installed.

This Chevy is a nice, driver quality car that's ready to enjoy as-is.

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VIN# 1FA0853912

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1936 Chevrolet Business Coupe for Sale
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