1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe

302/C4, A/C, Full Leather, Loaded

1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe for Sale

Cool old 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe for sale. Originally built in the 1970's and heavily upgraded and modernized since. This one has stood the test of time and has only gotten better. Featured in an article in "Rod Action" Magazine published May of 1978 details the chop in particular done by then-owner/enthusiast Dan Pimentel of Concord, California, click here to read. As a tribute to it's long, California hotroding history, the current owner commissioned Von Dutch to create that special eyeball mounted to dash!

The car has a well thought-out drive line featuring a Ford 302ci with a mild cam with vacuum tank coupled to a C4 with independent cooling and an 1800 stall converter. It runs beautifully with plenty of power and sounds great with it's brand new Aero Straight Flows with Crossover exhaust system. The handling is terrific with it's 4-Link Suspension, 3" drop axle with front and rear QA1 Coil-over shocks, front steering stabilizer all rolling on old-school moons wrapped in P235/75R15s in the rear and P185/65R15s upfront. Disc brakes with proportioning value upfront make for easy stops. Highway gearing via an 8" rear-end. Be sure to watch the video which will include a virtual test-drive.

The paint, body and trim look great. The body is all steel with glass fenders and steel running boards. Everything shines beautifully and shows well.

The interior is set up for maximum luxury and comfort, built with long trips in mind with a full-leather interior and German Basket Weave carpets and mats that were masterfully installed. A plethora of modern amenities include and EZ Wiring Harness electrical system running an ice cold Vintage Air Conditioning system, Stuart-Warner Gauges, Leather Wrapped steering wheel, tilt steering, killer custom sound system with remote iPod/USB capability, trunk-mounted and controllable via a wireless, full display remote. The car has functioning wipers, vintage-style flip-down tinted visors, operational swing-out windscreen and roll-down rear window. Flip a switch to open and close the trunk automatically. We understand that the cruise-control system is in-place but not functioning at the moment.

This listing will end the moment a reasonable offer is made. Available only at Left Coast Classics! Direct your inquiries to Donn 844-LEFTCOA (844-533-8262) .....because life's too short to drive the wrong car....

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1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe for Sale
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