1928 Overland Whippet 96a 3 Window Coupe

Fully Restored, Fantastic Example

This Stunning Classic 1928 Willys has SOLD
1928 Willys Overland Whippet 96 for Sale
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Beautiful Willy's Overland for Sale from Left Coast Classics

1928 Willy's Overland for sale in Sonoma California. Beautifully restored a few years ago and barely used since. Car was restored sometime in the last decade.

The most recent owner purchased this Overland Whippet 96a 3 Window Coupe to go with a house he bought in Dutchess County, NY which was once a Roosevelt estate owned by FDR jr. (He thought it seemed fitting to have a 1928 car in the garage with the Roosevelt's old tack and various belongings which came with the house). Car was later shipped Los Angeles and has been stored since.

The Whippet marque was introduced in July of 1926 as a 1927 model and was Overland's successor. In comparison to the equivalent four-cylinder Willy's Overland, the Whippet was 200 pounds lighter and rested on a wheelbase that was a quarter inch longer. The engine was more advanced, smaller, and produced the same amount of power. It featured advantages such as full-pressure oiling and pump-circulated cooling. It was a very durable and sturdy engine that would eventually be used in the Jeep vehicles more than a decade later. The Whippet vehicles quickly became a very successful, popular selling vehicle. In 1928 they were the third-best-selling marque and lost out to Essex by a small margin in 1929.

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VIN# 96-257281
LIC: 4J8157 (NY)

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1928 Willys Overland Whippet 96 for Sale


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