1928 Ford Model A Fordor Leatherback

Restored, Rebuilt w/Mitchell Overdrive

This Classic Ford has SOLD
1928 Ford Model A Fordor for Sale

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Beautiful 1928 Ford Model A Fordor Leatherback for sale. This car has been set up to be super reliable and extremely easy to drive. Very good looking Leatherback that is ready to enjoy immediately.

The previous owner repainted the car years ago in classic Chicle Drab with black fenders. It has held up well and still looks quite nice. The man we purchased the car from recently finished up a major restoration.

The body was lifted off and the frame completely blasted and refinished. The drive-line was rebuilt and the desirable Mitchell Overdrive was installed. The brakes and all ancillaries were either replaced or rebuilt. A stainless steel exhaust system was installed, new wheels and tires, brakes, suspension, an alternator conversion, etc. The car is a magnificent driving model A with no rattles, shakes or unpleasant behavior while driving. It starts easily and runs smoothly. A battery shut-off switch is located conveniently within reach under the drivers side of the hood.

At the time of this exhaustive mechanical restoration a brand new LeBaron Bonney interior was installed. All of the inside switches & knobs were either restored or replaced. The interior is immaculate with every item working properly including all of the gauges. A water gauge was added as well as a handy digital blinker system mounted to the left of the steering wheel on the dash to keep those modern crazy drivers aware of you.

All in all, this is the nicest driving Model A we've ever had (and we've had a lot) here at Left Coast Classics. A great car to cruise around in and enjoy from the minute it arrives.

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VIN# A447802

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1928 Ford Model A Fordor for Sale
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  21. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-023.jpg
  22. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-024.jpg
  23. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-025.jpg
  24. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-026.jpg
  25. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-027.jpg
  26. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-028.jpg
  27. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-029.jpg
  28. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-030.jpg
  29. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-031.jpg
  30. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-032.jpg
  31. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-033.jpg
  32. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-034.jpg
  33. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-035.jpg
  34. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-036.jpg
  35. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-037.jpg
  36. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-038.jpg
  37. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-039.jpg
  38. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-040.jpg
  39. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-041.jpg
  40. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-042.jpg
  41. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-043.jpg
  42. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-044.jpg
  43. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-045.jpg
  44. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-046.jpg
  45. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-047.jpg
  46. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-048.jpg
  47. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-049.jpg
  48. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-050.jpg
  49. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-051.jpg
  50. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-052.jpg
  51. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-053.jpg
  52. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-054.jpg
  53. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-055.jpg
  54. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-056.jpg
  55. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-057.jpg
  56. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-058.jpg
  57. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-059.jpg
  58. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-060.jpg
  59. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-061.jpg
  60. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-062.jpg
  61. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-063.jpg
  62. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-064.jpg
  63. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-065.jpg
  64. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-066.jpg
  65. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-067.jpg
  66. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-068.jpg
  67. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-069.jpg
  68. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-070.jpg
  69. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-071.jpg
  70. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-072.jpg
  71. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-073.jpg
  72. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-074.jpg
  73. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-075.jpg
  74. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-076.jpg
  75. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-077.jpg
  76. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-078.jpg
  77. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-079.jpg
  78. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-080.jpg
  79. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-081.jpg
  80. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-082.jpg
  81. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-083.jpg
  82. 1928-ford-model-a-fordor-084.jpg


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